2021-12-28 高考英语


  The Guidance Department (教导处) at Burrville High School has a staff (职员) of eleven. Most of their work is done with the students. But the staff sees a lot of parents, too.

  “Parent meetings form a clear monthly pattern,” says Mildred Foreman, Guidance Director. “This pattern stays much the same from year to year. The busy months are October, March and May.”

  September starts rather slowly. Few parents come in, Most of these want to discuss the schedules (日程安排). October brings many behaviour (行为) problems. Some parents are called in. Others come by themselves. Things quiet down in November December is a quiet month. “It’s the holiday,” Ms Foreman says. “People want to come in, I know , but they decide to wait until after New Year’s Day.”

  Report cards go home just before Christmas holidays. Bad marks bring parents in as school reopens. This happens again in March, another report card month. May is always the year’s busiest month. That’s when parents realize that their children might be held back (留级). They come in to see if anything can be done before things are decided in June.

  1. “Most of their work is done with the students” means ______.

  A. they have most of their work done by the students

  B. most of their work is getting rid of their students

  C. most of their work is dealing with the students

  D. their work is mostly done together with the students

  2. In the sentence “The staff sees a lot of parents too.” the word “see” can be replaced with “_____”.

  A. notice B. understand C. arrange D. meet

  3. From the diagram(图表), we know that the total of their meetings in April is ______ as many

  as that in December.

  A. twice B. a quarter C. half D. two-thirds

  4. In March, each of the staff working in the Guidance Department has to interview (会见)

  about ______ parents.


  Parents should stop blaming themselves because there’s not a lot they can do about it. I mean the teenager (十几岁的孩子) problem. Whatever you do or however you choose to deal with it, at certain times a wonderful, reasonable and helpful child will turn into a terrible animal.

  I’ve seen friends deal with it in all kinds of different ways. One strict mother insisted that her son, right from a child, should stand up whenever anyone entered the room, open doors and shake hands like a gentleman. I saw him last week when I called round. Sprawling himself (懒散地躺) on the sofa in full length, he made no attempt to turn off the loud TV he was watching as I walked in, and his greeting was no more than a quick glance at me. His mother was ashamed. “I don't know what to do with him these days,” she said. “He’s forgotten all the manners we taught him.”

  He hasn't forgotten them. He' s just decided that he' s not going to use them. She confessed (坦白) that she would like to come up behind him and throw him down from the sofa onto the floor.

  Another good friend of mine let her two daughters climb all over the furniture, reach across the table, stare at me and say, “I don’t like your dress; it’s ugly.” One of the daughters has recently been driven out of school. The other has left home.

  “Where did we go wrong?” her parents are now very sad. Probably nowhere much. At least, no more than the rest of that unfortunate race, parents.

  71. This text is most probably written by ______.

  A. a specialist in teenager studies B. a headmaster of a middle school

  C. a parent with teenage children D. a doctor for mental health problems

  72. The underlined word “it” in the second paragraph refers to ______.

  A. the change from good to bad that ' s seen in a child

  B. die way that parents often blame themselves

  C. the opinion that a child has of his parents

  D. the advice that parents want their children to follow

  73. The boy on the sofa would most probably be described as ______.

  A. lazy B. quiet G. unusual D. rude

  74. From the second example we can infer that the parents of the two daughters ______.

  A. pay no attention to them B. are too busy to look after them

  C. have come to hate them D. feel helpless to do much about them

  75. What is the author' a opinion about the sudden change in teenage children?

  A. Parents have no choice but to try to accept it.

  B. Parents should pay still sore attention to the change.

  C. Parents should work more closely with school teachers.

  D. Parents are at fault for the change in their children.








  Ever since they were first put on the market in the early 1990s, gentically mondified (GM,转基因) foods have been increasingly developed and marketed in many countries in the word,mainly on the basis of their promise to end the worldwide food crisis. But can GM technology solve world hunger problems? Even if it would ,is it the best solutiorr?

  Despite what it promiises,GM technology actually has not increased the production potential of any corp. In fact

  Studies show that the most crown GM croo.

  GM soybeans, has suffered reduced productivity. For instance, a report than analysed nearly two decades of research on mojor GM food crops shows that GM engineering has failed to significantly increase US crop production.

  Something else, however, has been on the rise, While GM seeds are expensive, GM companics tell farmers that they will make good profits by saving money on pesticides(杀虫剂). On the contrary, US government data show that GM crops in the US have produced an overall increase in pesticide use compared to traditional crops. “ The promise was that you could use less chemicals and boost production. But nether is true,” said Bill Christison, President of the US National Farm Coalition.

  At the same time, the authors of the book World Hunger: Twelve Myths argue that there actually is more than enough food in the world and that the hunger crisis is not caused by production, but by problems in food distribution and politics. These indeed deserve our efforts and money. Meanwhile, the rise in food prices results from the increased use of crops for fuel rather than food, according to a 20xx World Bank report.

  As a matter of fact ,scientists see better ways to feed the world. Another World Bank report concluded that GM crops have little to offer to the challenges of worldwide poverty and hunger, because better ways out are available, among which “green” farming is supposed to be the first choice.

  57.The author develops the second paragraph mainly . 【C】

  A. by classification B. by comparison

  C. by example D. by process

  58. What does the underlined word “boost ” in the third paragraph probably mean? 【D】

  A. Control. B. Evaluate C. Obtain. D. Increase.

  59. GM companies promise farmers that they will benefit from _________. 【B】

  A. practicing “green” farming B. use of less chemicals

  C. fair distribution of their crops D. using more crops for fuel

  60. Which of the following best describes the attitude of the author towards GM technology?【C】

  A. Optimistic B. Defensive C. Disapproving D. Casual












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