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A great big fellow, weighing around 250 pounds, walked with slow heavy noisy footsteps up to the produce counter in the supermarket. "Give me half a head of cabbage, "he told the clerk.

"All we have are whole heads, "came the cold reply.

"I don't want a whole head, "the customer demanded. "Just half a head. Are you going to sell me half a head? "

"Wait a minute, "said the clerk nervously, "Let me ask the manager."

She went back where the manager was stamping prices on canned goods. "Hey"she said"there's a bigstupid-looking buffaloˮţout front who wants me to sell him half ahead of cabbage. Shall I tell the fool to..."She said"wants to buy the other half."

1What is the best title for this passage

AA Strange Customer

B. A Friendly Customer

C. A Nervous Customer

D. A Polite Customer

2. When talking to the manager, the clerk was referring to______.

A. two different customers

B. the same customer

C. more than two customers

D. a stupid -looking customer and a gentleman

3. What is your impression(ӡ)of the customer?

A. Looking like an animal.

B. Looking like a housewife

C. Looking like a gentleman

D. A man of strong build.











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