Leisure An Anachronism高考英语作文

2020-09-18 高考英语

  the other day i asked my nine year old younger brother what he liked to do for fun in his leisure time. he seemed to regard it as an odd question. "i dont actually have much leisure time." he said. "homework, tennis lessons and piano lessons.., eat it all up. i have three piano lessons a week now."i was startled. i used to consider it was only gown ups who were suffering from great pressure. now the modern competitive world seems to have worked on children alike. i do not think kids have as much fun as they used to. competition keeps getting in the way. leisure seems to have become a luury.

  according to a recent survey, more than 80 percent of americans complain that they do not have the time to do what they really want to do, let alone enjoy the leisure time. it is a tragedy. we live in a constraint state, unable to pursue our interests.the so-called past pace of information society has made most people feel uncomfortable. computer, microwave, gimmicks and gadgets, all these appliances require far more complicated knowledge and techniques than ever before. and just to feel more secure about their relationship with technology, people make great efforts to follow the heels of the latest inventions, weary, reluctant and unhappy.i know lots of people who avoid recreation because they lack the time or the energy. achievement is the national god, worshipped in our media the million dollar athlete, the wealthy eecutive and glorified in our praise of possessions. in the presence of such a influential state religion, how can people ever "waste" their valuable time on taking up such "etravagance" as leisure when they could have learned or earned more during that period?

  ambition, drive and the desire to ecel are all great within limits, but we should not allow them to be the whole story of our life. sometimes we should forget about doing best all the time, focusing on relaation, enjoyment, and health. for the purpose of not collapsing under enormous pressure, an occasional break from our daily routine is necessary. we can make stress work for us instead of against us.

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