2020-12-20 高考英语

  In recent years, to delay retirement for Chinese citizens has become the hot topic of people, and wherever and whenever people have been discussing it, but different people have different views.

  Some people hold the view that our country should carry out the policy for the reasons as follows. Firstly, the pension system is still unreasonable and needs improving. What’s more, a large amount of pension is needed, which has unexpected effects on our economy. On the contrary, some people strongly oppose the view. They think that they have worked for our country for such a long time and have been too tired, so they insist that they should retire on time. Moreover, there are more and more people unemployed in China, especially young people, and to delay retirement will only contribute this problem more seriously, so they insist they should give way to the young people.

  In my opinion, each view is reasonable in some way. But what we should do at present is to try our best to develop our country. Only in this way can we provide a sounder system and create enough employment opportunities for our citizens, only then can we live a much more wonderful life.










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