2021-02-11 高考试题



  1. I don’t know what his interests are, because we talked ______ about work when we met.

  A.main B. mainly C. major D. Majorly

  2. The past year has been successful and, _____ ahead, we expect to do even better in the coming year.

  A. looking B. to look C. look D. looked

  3.__ many times, but she still didn't know how to do it.

  A. She was taught B. Having taught C. Having been taught D. She has taught


  —I’m going to Shanghai this afternoon.

  —________. Then how soon will you come back?

  A. Have a nice trip B. Congratulations C. Cheers D. Good luck

  5.Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true ____ it comes to classroom tests.

  A. before B. since C. when D. after

  6.Parks are _____ of the few places where people in cities may have sports.

  A. one B. first C. none D. those

  7.The Prime Minister refused to comment on the rumor that he had planned to _____.

  A. discharge B. dismiss C. resign D. resume

  10._________to drugs, he ran out of all his money.

  A. Having addicted B. Addicted C. To addict D. Addicting

  9.Yesterday Mr. Li finally bought his own house, _______ is a hospital.

  A. in where B. to the east of which

  C. to the east of it D. in the east of that

  10. I don’t believe we’ve met before, ________ I must say you do look familiar.

  A. therefore B. although C. since D. unless

  11.One Friday, we were packing to leave for a weekend away _______ my daughter heard cries for help.

  A.after B.while C.as D.when


  No sooner ________ at the airport than she was surrounded by the reporters.

  A. had the star arrived

  C. has the star arrived


  He convinced me ______ the difficulty of the work.

  A. on B. at C. for D. of

  14.—Do you think it wise for Chinese parents to try to do everything for their children?

  —No, that’s_________they are mistaken.

  B.when C.what D.How B. the star had arrived D. the star has arrived A.where

  15.A local official said the trampling accident happened at a private school in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, _____ eight dead and twenty-six _____.

  A. leave; injured B. left; injured

  C. leaving; injuring D. leaving; injured

  16.John has really got the job because he showed me the official letter ______ him it.

  A. offered B. offering C. to offer D. to be offered

  17.She _____ the carpet with some very nice curtains in colour.

  A. connected B. fitted C. equipped D. matched.

  18.—Shall we go for a drink at one o'clock this afternoon?

  —________.Will two o'clock be OK?

  A.Sure,it's up to you

  B.Sure,no problem

  C.Sorry,I can't make it

  D.Sorry,I'm not available today

  19. —Life is hard these days.

  —At least we have some money left. That's ________, isn't it?

  A. everything B. nothing C. something D. anything

  20.________ is the most important for him is not his job, but his family.

  A.It B.As

  C.What D.That


  Whoever has made a voyage up the Hudson River must remember the Catskill Mountains. They are a branch of the great Appalachian family, and can be seen to the west rising up to a noble height and towering over the surrounding country. When the weather is fair and settled, they are clothed in blue and purple, and print their beautiful shapes on the clear evening sky, but sometimes when it is cloudless, gray steam gathers around the top of the mountains which, in the last rays of the setting sun, will shine and light up like a crown of glory(华丽的皇冠).

  At the foot of these mountains, a traveler may see light smoke going up from a village.

  In that village, and in one of the houses (which, to tell the exact truth, was sadly time-worn and weather-beaten), there lived many years ago, a simple, good-natured fellow by the name of Rip Van Winkle.

  Rip’s great weakness was a natural dislike of all kinds of money-making labor. It could not be from lack of diligence, for he could sit all day on a wet rock and fish without saying a word, even though he was not encouraged by a single bite. He would carry a gun on his shoulder for hours, walking through woods and fields to shoot a few birds or squirrels. He would never refuse to help a neighbor, even in the roughest work. The women of the village, too, used to employ him to do such little jobs as their less helpful husbands would not do for them. In a word, Rip was ready to attend to everybody’s business but his own.

  If left to himself, he would have whistled life away in perfect satisfaction; but his wife was always mad at him for his idleness(懒散). Morning, noon, and night, her tongue was endlessly going, so that he was forced to escape to the outside of the house—21.Which of the following best describes the Catskill Mountains?

  A. They are on the west of the Hudson River.

  B. They are very high and beautiful in this area.

  C. They can be seen from the Appalachian family.

  D. They gather beautiful clouds in blue and purple.

  22.The hero of the story is probably ______.

  A. hard-working and likes all kinds of work

  B. idle and hates all kinds of jobs

  C. simple, idle but very dutiful

  D. gentle, helpful but a little idle

  23.The underlined words “henpecked husband” in the last paragraph probably means a man who _______.

  A. likes hunting B. is afraid of hens

  C. loves his wife D. is afraid of his wife

  24.What would be the best title for the text?

  A. Catskill Mountains. B. A Mountain Village.

  C. Rip Van Winkle. D. A Dutiful Husband.

  What benefits can you have from a film? A well-made film offers a whole world of things to watch. First there are the story aspects — the plot, characters, dialogue and themes. Then there are the technical aspects — the camera work, cuttings and special effects. And there are many other things, like the 观看). Films are a means of communication. They can tell you things, just as newspapers do, or television, or any other means of communication. Sometimes they communicate important things to you, like ideas or lifestyles or ways of looking at the world. Sometimes people are aware of this, and sometimes not. The more you are aware of this, the better you are.

  Notice, for example, the way films sometimes affect fashion. A star dresses or wears her hair in a certain way, and suddenly everyone is imitating (模仿) her. Boys in the 1950s could sometimes be seen wearing black leather jackets, idling (闲逛) on street corners and smoking cigarettes. They were imitating Marion Brando. His films taught them a certain way to behave.

  Films can also teach politics. In Star Wars, the heroes were a bunch of lovable incompetents (无能者) fighting with guts (胆量) and not much else. They were, in fact, rather like the British in the early days of WW II. Their enemies, like the Nazis, had a big advantage in equipment and numbers of troops, and they were like the Nazis in discipline and heartlessness too. The whole film, in fact, was a re-run (重演) of WW II, and taught values like faith and love of liberty. This is all to the good, but the point is, did you notice it?

  25.All of the following are mentioned as noticeable aspects of a film EXCEPT________.

  A. the list of names of actors and directors,etc.

  B. the cost of a film

  C. the music for a film

  D. the language used in a film

  26.The last sentence in Paragraph 1 probably means ________.

  A. a high quality film can be appreciated repeatedly from different angles

  B. a good film always attracts a lot of viewers

  C. a well made film usually has more than one theme

  D. one can never find out how many characters there are in a good film

  27.It can be inferred from the passage that in his film,Marion Brando was ________.

  A. a motorist who always wore a black leather jacket

  B. a homeless man who died of excessive smoking

  C. a rebellious man during WWⅡ

  D. an idler who didn't have any serious things to do

  28.Star Wars is a film________.

  A. about WWⅡ B. for politics

  C. reflecting WWⅡ D. for peace lovers

  Norm Pethrick, a 36-year-old man in Australia’s northern city Darwin, was praised on Thursday for jumping onto a crocodile’s back to save his wife Wendy at Litchfield National Park, a popular tourist spot southwest of Darwin, a local newspaper reported.

  Ms Pethrick was standing on a river bank Wednesday afternoon when the saltwater crocodile lunged (扑), locking its jaws on both her legs as it tried to drag her underwater.

  Norm Pethrick, who with his wife had been collecting water, immediately went to help her. He jumped onto the back, poked (戳) the eyes of the crocodile and finally got his wife free.

  Ms Pethrick was later taken to Royal Darwin Hospital for a medical treatment. The doctors said she was suffering eight puncture wounds in her right leg, a puncture wound in her left leg and a serious cut to one of her fingers.

  “This could have been a fatal and tragic situation,” said the general manager of Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH), Dr Len Notaras, according to a local report.

  He said Ms Pethrick was saved by her husband’s “quick and diligent actions”. Dr Notaras also said she would remain in hospital for three to four days and have an operation to clean the wounds, which are easy to get infected because of bacteria on the teeth of the crocodile.

  29.This passage is most likely to be found in ______.

  A. a travel guide B. a textbook

  C. a newspaper D. a novel

  30.The crocodile attacked Ms Pethrick when she was ______.

  A. swimming in the river B. standing on the river bank

  C. watching the crocodile

  D. fishing in the water

  31.Which of the following statements is TRUE about Ms Pethrick?

  A. One of her fingers also got hurt.

  B. She had eight wounds altogether.

  C. One of the crocodile’s teeth was found in her leg.

  D. Her eyes were badly poked.

  32.According to the passage, Norm Pethrick can be described as following EXCEPT ______.

  A. humorous B. diligent

  C. quick D. brave

  33. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?

  A. The husband should save the wife

  B. Human beings can beat crocodiles sometimes

  C. A crocodile is not so dangerous as people imagine

  D. A man saves wife’s life from crocodile’s jaws

  34.Today many people say that women have the same chance as men in society. But this was not always so. In the past, women all over the world had to fight to get the same chance as men in education and jobs. Many people said that women should not receive much education because they would not do as well as men when they went to work.

  One woman who showed that women should have the same chance was Marie, a scientist. In the 1800s scientists

  knew that a metal, uranium, gave off radiation. They also knew how much radiation came from his element. But they didn’t know what this radiation was like; they wondered why and how uranium gave off radiation. Marie Curie set out to answer these questions. In one of her experiments she was studying a certain material which, she knew, contained uranium, But it gave off 4 times as much radiation as usually does. What could explain this fact? Marie Curie thought that there must be another source of radiation in this material.

  In 1898 Marie Curie set out to find out this new source of radiation, which she named “radium”. Her husband, who was also a scientist, helped her. They set up a laboratory in an old building behind a school. For four years Curies searched, doing many experiments, And one morning in 1902 Marie found the source of the radiation. Marie Curie proved to the world that there was element that gave off radiation. And she also proved to the world that, if women are given truly equal chance, they can really help society.

  【小题1】The scientists of Marie Curie’s day knew .

  A. that uranium gave off radiation

  B. that radium gave off radiation

  C. that there was some radium in uranium

  D .that uranium and radium both gave off radiation

  【小题2】The Curies found the element radium .

  A. with other scientists’ help B. by asking some famous scientists

  C. by doing many experiments D .with their teachers’ help

  【小题3】In the past many people thought .

  A. that women must get the same chance as men in education and jobs

  B. that women should receive much education

  C. that women should get good jobs

  D. that women could not do the work well

  【小题4】Marie Curie proved to people .

  A. that there was a new element uranium

  B. that there was a new element radium

  C. that women could do their work as well as men if they were really given the same conditions

  D. both B and C


  My husband hasn’t stopped laughing about the thing that happened to me. It’s now but it

  wasn’t that time.

  Last Friday, after doing all the family shopping in town, I a rest before catching the train, so I bought a and some chocolate and went to the station coffee shop that was a cheap, self-service place with long to When I came back with the coffee, there was someone in the seat. It was one of those young at the front, not so unusual these days. What did me was he’d started to eat my chocolate! Naturally, I was annoyed. However, to avoid trouble—then really I was rather uneasy about him—I just down at the front page of the newspaper, tasted my coffee, and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me . then he took another piece of my chocolate. I could hardly it. Still I didn’t want to start an argument. When he took a piece , I felt more than annoyed. I thought, “ Well, I shall have the last piece.” And I it.

  The boy gave me a look, and then stood up. As he left, he shouted out, “This woman is mad!” Everyone when I finished my coffee and got ready to leave. My face went red—as red as his hair when I I’d made a mistake. It wasn’t my chocolate he’d been taking. There was mine, unopened, just under my . 35.A. serious 36.A. enjoyed 37. A. cake 38.A. chairs 39.A. order 40.A. very

  B. wonderful

  C. funny

  D. exciting

  D. wanted

  B. took C. had

  B. newspaper B. tables B. find B. same

  C. magazine D. bag

  C. benches D. beds C. keep C. free

  D. visit D. next

  D. good-looked

  41.A. wild-looked 42.A. red

  B. wild-looking

  C. good-looking

  B. black

  C. brown

  C. frighten

  D. white D. hurt D. put D. shyly

  43. A. interest 44.A. looked 45.A. eagerly

  B. surprise

  B. lay

  C. sat

  B. friendly

  C. closely

  46. A. believe B. hear 47. A. last

  C. notice C. single


  D. stop D. third

  B. big

  48.A. angry

  49.A. covered

  50.A. strange B. lucky B. threw C. happy C. got D. curious D. wrapped D. pleasant

  D. followed B. exhausting C. nervous C. stared 51.A. agreed B. promised

  52.A. better B. worse C. later D. easier

  D. recognized 53.A. wondered

  54.A. bags

  四、阅读填空 B. realized B. clothes C. decided C. book D. newspaper

  If you have decided to take some English courses in the UK, there are some exams that you have to take to determine which classes you should be taking. The first exam that you have to take is the Key English Test, which determines how well you can handle speaking English on a day-to-day basis along with written English skills.

  The KET has three parts. They are the basic reading and writing test, the listening exam and the speaking exam. Once you have passed this, you can take the PET exam, which stands for the Preliminary English Test. This test is just for people who already have both basic oral and written skills.

  If you can read such items as newspapers, signs, magazines and books, you may be ready to take the next step. Try practicing your writing skills as well and when you think you have good enough writing skills, take this test. There are three sections to this test, the reading, writing and spoken English comprehension skills.

  Once you have successfully passed the PET test, you can then move on to the more advanced classes and tests, like the FCE, which is the First Certificate Exam. This exam is harder and more advanced than the other tests. If your job depends on English speaking or writing, then this test is a must to pass. You will need to have passed the last two tests in order to take this one. You will also need to have more of a background when it comes to the English language. By passing the FCE, you have showed that your English speaking ability is of high level.

  五、 You probably love watching movies. They can be funny, sad, imaginative, inspiring, and so much more! There are so many possibilities and so many great movies to watch!

  The making of a movie usually begins with a script (written by a screenwriter) . _____ 60.The producer is the person who is responsible for coordinating aspects of the film like budget and scheduling. The producer plans out how the project will be carried out and he usually starts by hiring a director!

  ________ 61.The director will usually identify themes or feelings that he or she wants the movie to convey to its audience and will then assemble all the other people who will be needed, such as costume-designers, makeup artists, special effects crew, makeup artists, cameramen, cinematographers (who supervise and instruct the cameramen), and, of course, actors!

  Next, shooting begins! ________62. Often a director will want to get several “takes” (versions) of a scene or moment and usually only a few minutes of the movie are finished in one day’s work.___ ____63. So once filming is completed, the director must then work with editors to piece them all together, deciding which takes to use and adding in any special effects.

  The entire process from acquiring the script to editing the scenes generally takes months or even years! Once it’s ready, the finished movie is then distributed to movie theatres. ______64.

  A. Scenes are also usually not shot in order.

  B. The actual filming can be a slow process.

  C. It gets bought by a movie studio or a producer.

  D. The way that movies are made has changed a lot over time.

  E. The producer plays a very important role in making a movie.

  F. In movies the director’s job is to bring the script to life on camera.

  G. People can watch and enjoy it in the theatre.


  65.假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共 有10处错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。







  Some day I happened to find a chatting room in my QQ, there people were chatting in English. I tried to chat with some of them. To my surprised, I found the oral English of some junior students were better than me. I asked them for advice and they told me to practise more on QQ. But every day after that I would spend one hour practise my oral English on QQ. Day by day I learned from many useful words and expressions. With time go by, I found that I could even communicate some college students freely.



  With the development of information industry, our personal information has become more easily exposed in public.As some celebrities are worried about their telephone number, ID number and home address being put on the Internet, ordinary people like us can't escape from the doom either.

  A recent report from Xinhua reveals over twenty telephone-salespeople have been caught cheating customers by revealing their private information to local community of Beijing.

  The report says the salespeople would call their potential customers trying to earn their trust by correctly revealing their personal information such as their name, telephone number, home address and even previous purchases.

  They would then try to persuade the customer to buy a gold cellphone by mail.If the customer became suspicious, they would use another person's identity to prove their authenticity.


  你在某英文报刊看到这则报导后,准备就我们学生该“ How can we keep our personal information off

  the Internet?”写一篇文章给该报编辑部,题目是“How can we keep our personal information off the Internet?”。






















































  55. Exams / Tests

  56. the basic reading and writing test

  57. three

  58. The FCE

  59. the hardest and most advanced











  【小题5】me 改成mine

  【小题6】but 改为so





  66. How can we keep our personal information off the Internet?

  As is reported , more and more people are annoyed by strangers because our personal information ,such as phone numbers, Emails and so on, is exposed to the Internet.

  It’s almost impossible to keep all personal information off the internet.However, we can take some measures to minimize the amount of information we reveal as we travel the internet.

  First, shopping online is the ultimate in convenience, but we muse make sure that the checkout page on the site is secure.Secondly, we can only provide information to sites that promise not to share it without our permission and avoid giving permission to share our information with "selected partners".Besides, we shouldn’t post too much information on social networking sites, message boards and chat rooms.And chat rooms are meant for sharing.And if we blog, we should be careful not to reveal too much about ourselves.

  Obviously, the larger an online presence we have, the more information about us there is going to be online.An online presence is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can open a whole world of opportunities.












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