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英文的自荐信 篇1

  Dear Sir,

  On my graduation from college this fall, I am desirous of securing a position that will offer me opportunity in the field of import and export trading. Knowing something of the scope and enterprise of your huge export department, I thought perhaps you would keep me in mind for a possible opening.

  I am strong and alert, and shall be twenty years of age in July next year. At present I am a student in the college of - but I shall graduate from the college this coming July, finishing the requirements in three years, I have had no business experience, but my college record has been good. A copy of my antecedents is enclosed for your reference.

英文的自荐信 篇2


dear sir or madam:

  my name is xiangdesen, coming from shizhu of chongqing province.i will get medical bachelor’s degree smoothly in north sichuan medical college (nsmc) in july of next year.

  please consider my application for a qualified doctor. being a medical college student to graduate soon, i’m long for an opportunity to realize my personal value .you will note that i have acquired the professional knowledge of medicine and practical skills. furthermore, i have won other prizes for my excellent performance. in the mean time, i enjoy many on-campus and off-campus activities.

  five -year hard-working and good education strengthens me and my social experiences cultivate my all-round ability, capable of communicating with high sense of responsibility. in my spare time, i widely dabbled a large amount of books, not only substantiated myself, but also have trained my technical ability in many aspects .all these make me have a big understanding of nowadays development of medicine. i cannot say my study is excellent, but you know marks is not everything. deeds speak louder than works. i’m confident that employing me is a kind of investment for you.

  if you think that the record of mine qualified me for a start in doctor at your hospital. please call 13880697259. my references will gladly be provided upon request and i’m ready for your interview any time. your early reply will be very appreciated.

  best wishes!

  yours sincerely

  kang hailin

英文的自荐信 篇3

  respect leadership:


  i am very sincere pass my personal job recommendation, i hope in yourpany to reflect my life first value.

  the sails, depend on you the east wind power! i am hubei normal university the xx department of mathematics mathematics education professional fresh graduates. facing the employment choice, i really think your unit worked. hope and the expensive unit colleagues work together, a total of yang to the sail, to create a brilliant career.

  "is made with the blunt whetstone, plum flower sweet without sweat." after four years of professional study and the life of university annealing, when they entered naive and childish i has become calm and cool. in order to based on society, in order to own a successful career, four years i constantly strive to learn, both basic course, or professional class, have achieved good results. during the university for xx year school single scholarship, meet the national english four levels of levels, theputer after the national level, and through the national second class in the test, the test. at the same time in after school, i still pay attention to constantly expand knowledge, and i minored in teachers professional skills (middle school mathematics education), mastered the basic skills of ended. use after school time learned the basic operation of theputer, familiar with the windows operating system, master officeXX office software, able to skillfully use software authorware, powerpoint, production courseware, the multimedia teaching.

  learning is important, but ability training is also indispensable. in the last four years, to improve their ability to give lectures, accumulate education experience, from the start sophomore, i learn each specialized course at the same time, also use their spare time actively participate in family education practice, which is a mathematics "lame leg" junior middle school and primary school students in mathematics remediation, make their math scores were larger degree rise, my work also had parents affirmation and praise. in order to further accumulation system mathematical education experience, i to wisco daye iron ore one for two months of junior middle school mathematics education practice work, in two months of practice time, i actively to experienced teacher consult, pay attention to learn their teaching art and improve their service level and teaching skills, and strive to make their own teaching style do informative and interesting simultaneously. through constant hard work and teaching practice, i already have a good teacher quality, good style of work, solid to teaching basic skills, strong self-learning and adaptive capacity, goodmunication and coordination ability, make me for future education work full of confidence and expectations.

英文的自荐信 篇4

  Letters of Self-introduction



  构词特点:introduce (v.介绍)+ tion(名词后缀)

  短语:make an introduction作介绍

  e.g.Please make a self-introduction.

  He is reading the introduction of the new product (产品).

  1 You are a member of the“Pen Pals”club at the school.你是学校“笔友俱乐部”的一名成员。

  pen pal (又作pen friend) a Person who you make friends with by exchanging letters, even though you may never meet笔友

  e.g.I have communicated (交流) with my pen pal for many years. Many pen pals may never (从未) meet each other.

  The club often receives letters from students of various countries.俱乐部常常会收到来自世界不同国家的学生的来信。

  club n.a society of people who join together for a certain purpose,for example,sport or amusement俱乐部

  e.g.We belong to the golf (高尔夫球) club.

  I've joined the school football club.

  various adj.different from each other;of (many) different kinds不同的,多方面的;各种各样的

  e.g.There are various ways to answer this question.

  He decided to leave school for various reasons (原因).

  In those letters the writers all introduce themselves.They want to ask for pen pals.他们在信中会介绍自己,并希望找到笔友。

  introduce vt.①to make one person known for the first time to another介绍

  常用搭配:introduce sb.to sb.else把某人介绍给??

  ②to bring in or use something for the first

  e.g.May I introduce my friend Johnson to you?

  He introduced himself as a bank clerk(职员).

  Potatoes were introduced into Europe(欧洲)from South America (南美洲).

  Now the director of the club is putting them up on the school’s bulletin board.现在,俱乐部的管理员正打算把这些信张贴到学校的公告栏上。

  director n.①a person who controls or manages an organization or company负责人,理事

  ②someone who directs a play or film,deciding how it is

  performed and filmed导演

  构词特点:direct (v.指示)+-or(名词后缀:参加某种活动的人)

  e.g.She was appointed (任命) to the position (职位) of sales director.

  The director of the film also appeared(出席)at the party.

  bulletin n.a short official notice or news report intended to be made

  public without delay公告;布告

  e.g.Here is the latest (最新的) bulletin about the President’s (总统的) health.

  There is a new notice on the bulletin board.

  boardn.a long thin flat piece of cut wood木板

  短语:on board在船上(火车上、飞机上),在公共交通工具上 扩展:blackboard黑板

  e.g.She pinned(钉上)the name list (名单) up on the notice board. Get on board!

  You may choose or your pen pal there.你可以从中选择你的笔友。 What will affect your decision?It can be age, gender or interests. 年龄、性别或兴趣都可能影响你的决定。

  affect vt.to influence or to cause a result or change in something影响 e.g.This area will be affected by the hurricane(飓风).

  She was deeply affected by the news of his death.

  decision n.a choice of one out of a number of possibilities决定;裁决 构词特点:decide(vt.决定)+.sion(名词后缀)

  短语:make a decision做出决定

  Eg. Who made the decision to go there?

  The moment of decision has arrived.

  Interest n. 兴趣

  Vt. 使(某人)感兴趣

  e.g.I have no interest in politics(政治).

  The child’s interest must come first.

  Are you interested in history?

  Read the letters below and choose the one you are interested in.请看下面这几封信,并从中选择一位你感兴趣的笔友。

  2 “I am a Finnish girl.and I am 19.I want to write to a pleasant Chinese student who can speak English.I also study English at schoo1.我是一名来自芬兰的女孩,今年19岁。我希望能与一位会讲英语的、讨人喜欢的中国学生通信。我也正在学校学习英语。 What I like to do most after class is cooking,swimming and collecting stamps.在课外,我最喜欢的是烹饪、游泳和集邮。

  Collect vt.to gather together收集,收藏

  e.g.Collect the books and put them on my desk.

  She likes collecting foreign coins(硬币).

  Please write to:PO Box 135,00382 Helsinki,Finland.”请致信以下地址:芬兰赫尔辛基邮政信箱135,邮编00382。”

  3 “I am a Japanese boy.and I am 18 years old.I have English lessons at school and I like them very much.“我是一个日本男孩,18岁。我的学校开设了英语课,而且我很喜欢英语。

  I would like a pen pal who is also learning English so that we could exchange letters in English.所以,我想结交一名同样也在学习英语的笔友,这样我们就可以用英语互相写信了。

  Exchange vt.to give something to someone who gives you something else交换,互换;交流


  e.g.I exchanged the goods (货物) for cash(现金).

  They exchanged their ideas(想法).

  My hobbies are pop music,football,and coin collecting.我的兴趣是流行音乐,足球和收集硬币。

  hobby n.an activity which you enjoy doing in your free time业余爱好 e.g.Do you have a hobby?

  Playing table tennis is his hobby.

  coin n.a Diece of money made of metal硬币

  短语:toss a coin扔硬币(决定某事)

  e.g.I need some coins for the ticket machine(自动售票机). We tossed (扔,掷) a coin to decide who will have the ticket.

  We can talk about our hobbies in our letters.Please write to me at this address:PO Box 138,Tokyo,Japan.”在信中,我们可以聊聊各自的兴趣爱好。请按以下地址写信给我:日本东京邮政信箱138号。” address n.details of where someone works or lives地址

  e.g.I can’t rcad the address.Where should I send the letter? Tell me your address,please.

  4“I am Charlie Smith of the United States,and I am a college student.“我叫查理·史密斯,来自美国。我是一名大学生。

英文的自荐信 篇5













  2、tris。your resume is scanned,not read。(“tris”)。






英文的自荐信 篇6

dear leaders:


  i am xx guangdong university of school of economics and management students of international trade, more than willing to accumulated years of knowledge and training to your organization's ability to contribute to, and exert my utmost best to your company's progress and development all contribute their力量. sincere hope that your organization for giving me a chance!

  i know very well that "only tend to have the opportunity to prepare the minds." in school, i seize every opportunity to learn all aspects of knowledge, training of all aspects of their ability to own a modern society towards the needs of innovative talent development compound. i reached the english 6, the computer 2 through national, provincial ii (excellent), and access to scholarships every year. expertise in the effort to learn at the same time, i have a broad range of philosophy, law, literature, economics and other fields, to complete a professional other than the economic field and more courses and a minor in the trade in english, self-study a second foreign language --- - german.

  "learn to work in the workplace, in learning how to learn." as a student cadre, i will pay more attention to their own ability. optimism, persistence, hard work is my beacon in the dangerous shoals department hope of sailing, highlighted in the rapids brave in character, is the credo of my life. i am creative and organized numerous large-scale activities have been recognized by teachers, students praise, so i have more enthusiasm to devote themselves to new challenges, and toward the goal of higher impact.

  in order to more fully exercise their abilities, i use as a holiday in government agencies, enterprises and institutions to carry out a social practice, my internship paper was rated "good practice papers", the experience for me into the community, involved in commercial operation laid a good foundation, but also learn how to man-made good, bare in good faith.

  in social status is about to embark on, i wish to apply, looking forward to the sincere and filled with enthusiasm to join your company, your company culture and enjoy the charm of a dump evansonly give you the effectiveness of intrinsic quality.


英文的自荐信 篇7

Dear leaders:


  My heartfelt thanks to you I am busy reading this material, and wish your organization the cause of prosperity and bright future!

  I XX University of Cost Engineers, a professional vocational graduates year 20xx, through 3 years of learning in particular courses of study for two years, I think they have mastered the basic construction and installation of the budget over the budget of some of the basic knowledge, through the workplace after a period of time equal to unit practice arrangements for my work.

  寒窗more than ten years studying, cast my knowledge and self-confidence. University of the growth phase of the study and more practice I will improve my self! "Pains, a harvest"! I will do my best efforts, hard work and realize the value of your life. Three years of university training and their own hard work hard work, especially in the specialized subjects results are generally excellent, I think this is their hard work over the past three years, learning and the result of hard work. In its future work and learning, I will be the cause of their infinite love for education and dedication, to be creative and work ethic of cooperation for the cornerstone of learning progress, as a cost engineer, the work of their own personality permeate the work of the project management .

  Social practice of learning, let me realize that teamwork is the work of the importance of synergy between the ability of my colleagues is a necessary condition for the development. Optimistic, positive, good attitude will allow me to work quickly to find their own values and find a sense of belonging! Work is their life after a large part of why I treasure the work! I hope I can get work! I love to engage in the cause of your organization, eager to look forward to your leadership, for the glorious cause of building blocks. If your organization can provide a copy of my employment, I will be very grateful, and take concrete actions to prove that they live up to your choice. I really want the job, work in your company!

  I firmly believe that no-regrets options in your company, hope you can give me a chance, I have the confidence and ability to prove that: you will have no reason to regret on my choice!












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