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英文的自荐信 篇1

  Dear Sir / Madam:

  Hello! Sincerely thank you in your busy schedule to read this material, and wish your organization a thriving and prosperous cause!

  I am an accounting graduate of Haojing college of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology , four years' experience in college makes me knowledgeable, psychological growth and rapidly mature。 Thanks to the heavy atmosphere of learning in Haojing college, I bee a prehensive talented student。 With time passing by, I harbor the dream of leaving my dear college, and embark on the journey to work。

  I study hard and conscientiously,when I don't know about the major knowledge , I try my best to ask for help in order to have a thorough understanding。 Besides the professional knowledge that I jianil-sky。 master, I try to expand my knowledge, especially the extra-curricular knowledge。 I put emphasis on the English study, and have achieved outstanding results。 Meanwhile, in order to enhance the personal qualities, I actively participate in various activities to increase my experience, I believe that this experience will play an important role in my future career in society。

  Now, I am filled with enthusiasm, ready to plunge into the real world in this big melting pot, although there are many difficulties and hardships, I firmly believe that the spiritual wealth that stems from college life can make me overe them。

  "Chances only favor the prepared minds,I will persist until I succeed。"and I hope you can give me a development platform, I will treasure it and try my best to realize my own value of life and contribute to the development of your pany。



英文的自荐信 篇2

  Iistinguished leadership of your company:

  Hello, thank you very much in his busy schedule to take some time to read my university, i always to improve their overall quality as the goal, all-round development of self-direction. establish a correct outlook on life, values, and worldview.

  Ideologically, i treat them sincerely and fine style of work, loving the motherland, and firmly supported comrade hu jintao as the core of the correct leadership of the cpc central committee and resolutely oppose to split the motherland for all the lawless elements.

  "Bao jianfeng from sharpen out plum incense from cold to" is my university to learn continuously. in addition to conscientiously study nc professional, but also to obtain a scholarship to study at different levels. in order to enhance their own capacity, i also participated in the southwest technologywith undergraduate diplomas. learning is important, the annual winter and summer vacations to allow me to participate in social practice, which greatly foster self-reliance of my life and social practice.

  Learn: i often participate in physical training, basketball, badminton are my great love.

  Time flies, with young and knowledge i am about to embark on work experience may mean that there is no young, but the young have a passion and aggressive officers. i firmly believe that after graduation i will overcome all kinds of difficulties for the realization of self-worth the struggle. self person: lai right are

  July 11, XX

英文的自荐信 篇3

Dear Sir,

  I would like to ask you to consider my qualification for the position in sales that you advertised in last week's newaper.

  I graduated from the College of Business in June of 986. Since that time I have been taking night courses at Polytechnics in Sales Techniques and Mass Media Advertising.

  I have worked as a vehicle salesman for the Ford Co. for the past three years. At present I am their chief salesman and account for over one half of the sales. Before my present employment, I worked for the Chains Department Store as a salesclerk in the electrical appliance section. We worked mainly on commission and I was able to earn a substantial amount although I was very young.

  I would like to make a change now because I feel that I can go no further in my present job, I feel that my ability and my training should enable me to advance into a better and more reonsible position, and it appears that this will not be forthcoming at my present position.

  If you would like to know more about my ability, I can be available for an interview at any time convenient to you.

  Sincerely yours,


英文的自荐信 篇4

Dear Sirs:

  Just read the daily newspapers, you understand that the recruitment exercise instructors, I am confident that the conditions set out in line with the job.

  I am a South Dakota State University Department of Physical Education graduate courses in addition to the formal sports education, but also to take a variety of psychology and management courses for children. In previous years during the summer vacation, I have a number of suburbs near the university where volunteers served as a playground instructor. Summer 1983, he served as assistant, in charge of South Dakota, the youth movement Walton. In addition, the United States is also responsible for the development of large尔伦City, a special summer program for children. In-service period,威廉詹森is my superior, he agreed to prove my work.

  In addition, I have an experience, from 1985 until now, I am South Dakota,洛克福特City, the city park as a recreational instructor. The main task of the Department responsible for the development of urban parks and recreational programs, including a variety of entertainment and sports, including.

  If you think I am suitable for the working conditions, benefits as early as possible to know the interview thanks letter.

  Kai XXX

英文的自荐信 篇5

dear your school leadership:


  thank you for taking the time to pull redundant reading my cover letter. now, i own the actual situation as simple to your personal self-introduction:

  sail, wind depends on your help! i am a XX session of hubei normal university department of mathematics, mathematics education fresh graduates. will soon face the choice of employment, i worked very thought of your organization. want to work with colleagues in your organization together, a total of hope yang fan, create brilliant career.

  "bao jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold." after more than four years of professional study and university life of training, into the school when the innocent, naive i have now become calm and cool. order based on the community, for their own success, four years, i constantly strive to learn, whether it is basic courses, or courses, have achieved good results. received college scholarships single hospital in XX, the level of english to national levels, the computer had the national level, and by the national putonghua proficiency test second class exam. while in school, i also paid attention to expanding their knowledge and professional skills of teachers minor (secondary mathematics education), has studied with master basic skills. spare time learning the basic operation of computer, familiar windows operating system, master officeXX office software, proficiency in the use of software authorware, powerpoint and other courseware, multimedia teaching.

  learning is important, but capacity building is also essential. more than three years, to improve their teaching ability, and accumulated experience in education, starting from the second year, i learn various professional courses is also actively participate in after school hours tutoring practice, more than math to junior high and elementary school lame leg tutoring students in math, their math scores have a greater degree of improvement, my work has also received recognition and praise from parents. to further accumulation of experience in mathematics education system, i went to the wuhan iron and steel daye iron mine one for as long as two months of junior high school mathematics education, internship, internship in two months time, i actively consult an experienced teacher, pay attention learn their art of teaching, improve their professional level and teaching presentation skills, and strive to make their own teaching style of both informative and interesting to do. through their continuous efforts and teaching practice, i already have a good quality of teachers, excellent work style, solid teaching basic skills, strong self-learning and adaptability, good communication and coordination, so i work on the future of education full of confidence and expectations.

  ten years of slowly and study hard, and now i have pride and confidence. career success requires knowledge, perseverance, sweat, the perfect combination of opportunities. similarly, a unit of honor need to carry her carrier - the selfless dedication of people. i urge your organization to give me a chance, so i was fortunate to become a member of you, i will be times of enthusiasm and hard work to return your practical for helping his career.

  look forward to hearing from you!

  thank you for taking the time to take a moment to approve the promotions materials.



英文的自荐信 篇6

Dear sir or madam,

  This is Jane from China West Normal University. When I was questioned on my name, I argued that it is not the south of the Yangtze River; instead, it is about language, style and travel.

  For three years, I worked as the chief editor for the magazine of my faculty, and both teachers and students determined that I could be a reporter or a writer for free column. However, when I went to the earthquake-attacked areas, the professional staff told me my potential to be an excellent psychologist.

  Finally, I tested my capacity in GeLin Pulante Hotel, and a majority of my fellow workers uated my performance as operation with high proficiency, but when I was demanded to open the Hotel English Training Course, I was advised to set my goal on Hotel Training after my graduation. Yeah, perhaps, I am talented to be so many jobs, but I am the one who is responsible for my life and determine what I want, who I want to be and how to make it.

  All alone, I consider about their kind words and narrowly I find that all my qualifications are in perfect preparations for a brand-new but challenging area like your company. Maybe I’ve never majored in electronics, secretary or clerk but as I have stated I have the ability to learn and to be professional.

  Thank you for your time and appreciation. I am looking forward to making contributions to your company and realizing myself.



英文的自荐信 篇7

  Dear Sir,

  On my graduation from college this fall, I am desirous of securing a position that will offer me opportunity in the field of import and export trading. Knowing something of the scope and enterprise of your huge export department, I thought perhaps you would keep me in mind for a possible opening.

  I am strong and alert, and shall be twenty years of age in July next year. At present I am a student in the college of - but I shall graduate from the college this coming July, finishing the requirements in three years, I have had no business experience, but my college record has been good. A copy of my antecedents is enclosed for your reference.










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