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英文求职自荐信 篇1

Distinguished leadership of your company:

  Hello, thank you very much in his busy schedule to take some time to read my University, I always to improve their overall quality as the goal, all-round development of self-direction. Establish a correct outlook on life, values, and worldview.

  Ideologically, I treat them sincerely and fine style of work, loving the motherland, and firmly supported Comrade Hu Jintao as the core of the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and resolutely oppose to split the motherland for all the lawless elements.

  "Bao Jianfeng from Sharpen out plum incense from cold to" is my university to learn continuously. In addition to conscientiously study NC professional, but also to obtain a scholarship to study at different levels. In order to enhance their own capacity, I also participated in the Southwest Technologywith undergraduate diplomas. Learning is important, the annual winter and summer vacations to allow me to participate in social practice, which greatly foster self-reliance of my life and social practice.

  Learn: I often participate in physical training, basketball, badminton are my great love.

  Time flies, with young and knowledge I am about to embark on work experience may mean that there is no young, but the young have a passion and aggressive officers. I firmly believe that after graduation I will overcome all kinds of difficulties for the realization of self-worth the struggle.

Self Person: Lai right are

  July 11, 20xx

英文求职自荐信 篇2

dear leaders:


  thank you for your busy schedule to read my letter, and sincerely hope you can get the support and endorsement. i am a 08 session of the huaihai institute of technology project management graduates, in-school period, i strictly abide by school rules and regulations, respect for teachers, united students, have a strong collective sense of honor; seriously hard to learn, excellent performance, access to hospital on several occasions scholarships; emphasis on integrating theory with practice, and actively participate in the practice, and internship activities. i come from rural families, foster the tradition of hard work from an early age, the spirit of perseverance.

  four years of university education, let me have the project management aspects of the theory of professional knowledge, the work of more than half a year so i have a wealth of practical experience, but also enhance their ability to adapt to the en vironment. today's professionals need for multi-level, prompted me to update, strengthen self: while studying at the school i passed the national examination in english and four grade 2 level, jiangsu province, computer examinations and computer-aided design (autocad), and motor vehicles to pass in XX driver's license (c) according to, able to skillfully use officeXX (microsoft word, excel, powerpoint), in addition to the cost of learning such as division 3000.

  the success of the cause of the need for knowledge, perseverance, sweat, the perfect combination of opportunities, and similarly, the need for a company the honor of carrying her carrier - selfless people. request that your company can give me a chance, let me become one of you, i will be very enthusiastic and hard working your return, and very happy to work with colleagues in the future for our common the cause of all the talents dedication.


英文求职自荐信 篇3

  Anne Sunners

  Director/Counsellor for Students with Disabilities

  Office of Academic Advising and Student Services

  5555 University of Omaha

  Omaha, NE 55555

  Nov。 8, 1999

  Dear Ms。 Sunners,

  It was a pleasure speaking with you regarding employment opportunities at the University of Omaha。 As was discussed, I am interested in providing Orientation and Mobility (O&M) or liaison services to students with disabilities。 Please consider my qualification if a suitable opening becomes available。 I have enclosed several copies of my resume。 Please feel free to give them to colleagues who may be interested。

  Throughout my professional career, I have learned that the availability of Orientation and Mobility services can mean the difference between success or failure for students with disabilities。 It often determines whether a sudent travels safely to and from school or work。 I have dedicated my career to giving students the opportunity for success through Orientation and Mobility and Gross Motor training。 Consider the following:

  1。20 years of progressive experience in the field of Orientation and Mobility。

  2。 Published writer and speaker on Orientation and Mobility topics。

  3。 Lifelong commitment to helping individuals with physical challenges and multiple disabilities。

  4。 Rapid and thorough assessment of Orientation and Mobility needs and development of plans to help students achieve their goals。

  At this point in my career, I am exploring new professional challenges at college campuses。 I am eager to relocate for the right opportunity。 Since the University of Omaha has approximately 500 registered students with disabilities, I am confident that my professional services would be beneficial to the students。

  If you are interested in a results?oriented and dedicated professional with strong credentials, please call me at (555) 555—5555。 I am available for a telephone interview or an in?person meeting at your convenience。 Thanks again for your time and assistance。

英文求职自荐信 篇4

  I "xxx Daily" on the advertisement, that your intention to recruit a manager secretary, wrote a special venture candidates.

  Two months later, I am from the hotel property management business school graduate. Height 1.65cm, dignified appearance, good temperament. In school, I systematically studied the introduction of modern management, social psychology, Hotel Management Studies, hotel financial accounting, hotel management, hotel and catering management, the lobby of the hotel management, hotel marketing, hotel property management, property management, residential Area property management, application writing, etiquette school, professional courses in English. Outstanding achievements, has more than paper. Familiar with computer operation and English through the national levels, fluent spoken English, some knowledge in Japanese, Cantonese, Putonghua with ease.

  The second half of last semester, I have a five-star hotel rooms do xxx laboratory internship two weeks, the accumulation of a number of practical work experience. I love the hotel management, to become a member of your hotel, and we can work together to encourage hotel developments make every effort to do a good job.

  My biographical notes and be accompanied by related materials, such as give me the opportunity to interview, I would be honored.

  Contact Address: xxx Guangzhou Institute of Business and Technology Department of the hotel property management 510,507

  Contact Tel: 13911111111



英文求职自荐信 篇5

  Dear leaders:

  How are you!

  Thank you for your busy schedule to review my written submissions, thank you! My name is xx, Shaanxi Radio and Television University Chinese Language and Literature 04, a graduating student。 After several years of the Qian Xiu, the long hard training, I was finally about to a qualified university graduates of the identity of the times of the Zhenqian accept forward to your selection and always be ready to own the school dedicated to you are my common cause。

  I will not claim that he is a talent, but I believe that my fighting spirit and enterprising spirit。 Three years of study at the university journey, I have studied earnestly and assiduously to achieve good results。 Through the school's culture and their own efforts, I not only possess the required expertise in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing and other basic capabilities, but also possess the required basic professional teacher quality, and knowing how to use psychology, pedagogy, the basic principles of to carry out the class teacher teaching activities; to master the professional knowledge, I also made full use of spare time to learn the computer programs, and also obtained the corresponding NIT—based computer application modules (word, excel, powerpoint) certificate。

  At the same time, society made me well aware of the fierce competition, the importance of comprehensive development, in line with versatile talents to the development of principles, I read a wide variety of useful books, the knowledge structure better。 nbsp; same time, the colorful social life and orderly but competitive learning atmosphere, so I have to varying degrees in all aspects of training and trials。 A large number of social practice, so my ability to be a very high increase, and increased the hard—working quality, cultivated my good psychological quality and high sense of responsibility, and establish my Tadamoto disciplined work ethic。 "A hard a harvest," has always been my idea of attachment; "effort" was my constant criteria。

  Perhaps, I am not your best choice, but I will continue to seek out their own gaps, and self—improvement。 If you give me a chance, I will be more strict demands on themselves in order to meet the bright new look tomorrow。 Next Please attached resume exploration and discretion, I urge acceptance responded by saying hope, I am waiting for your good news!



英文求职自荐信 篇6

  Dear Leadership:

  Your busy schedule to take some time to read my material in this job, Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity for success and challenges。

  I called ___, __ people, __ Tourism Management Institute of Tourism Department of × × × ×—year graduates。 Learning in the university life, a systematic study of the tourism management e_pertise, and actively participate in the practice of travel agents, tour guides part—time work and regular professional training, so I can have a quality manager and vocational skills。 The courses in learning, it is also a minor in the legal profession, the law also have a certain understanding, to obtain a certificate of legal minor。 English has passed CET—4, and × × × ×—year tour guides to pass a national qualification certificates。 At work, I served as a member of the class life of the party branch secretaries and Mission, the Mission branch in the organization of work performance and personalbeen outstanding title of League cadres。 Has served as e_ecutive director of the Tourist Association and the Association of Computer and other computer—loving students to create a common network of Zhejiang Forestry Collegestudio, is responsible for financial management and the technical aspects of the project, in the work of the management of accumulated e_perience。 At the same time, a number of sites involved in the planning and production, with web design, web development skills and e_perience, the basis of a certain art。 At the same time to a wide range of office software proficiency to master VB, C programming language。 Computer has been through two test computers, Zhejiang University (VB language) and the National Computer Rank E_amination III (Network Technology)。

  Now I am going to bid farewell to a variety of campus life, face to create a cause, I look forward to in your organization to find a good space for development, and real hope in your heart to do, under the leadership of Moses, and share weal and woe!

  ! If you hire, will live up e_pectations! Thanks comple_, heartfelt gratitude!

  Finally, once again Thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your reply as soon as possible and wish the prosperity of your organization!


英文求职自荐信 篇7

  respect for the leadership of the unit:

  hello!i sincerely thank you, in the busy taking the time to read my cover letter.

  i am a civil engineering hohai university, nanjing institute of engineering mechanics graduate professional XX session will be graduating in june XX and would like to become south africa institute of survey and design one, would like to recommend their own.

  four years in undergraduate and graduate students sent a three-year period, the spirit of "hard work and plain living, seek truth from facts and strict requirements, the courage to explore the" motto of the strict demands on themselves, study hard, work conscientiously, outstanding performance, year after year scholarship, and actively participate in social practice. systematic study of a wide range of expertise to engage in a lot of books, continually expand the knowledge and social experience and actively participate in production and research.

  myputer and a good standard of r through theputer two countries can be skilled to use vb, vc, fortran programming language, and the preparation of students and their many practical procedures; can skilled use of autocad, ansys, flac, abaqus and other specialized software. english through the college english test 4, the reading proficiency can bepared to industry data.

  while studying at the school learning and life, so i know how to truth-seeking, innovation, unity, and is a career ahead of the first prerequisite. if fortunate enough to become a member of your organization, i will work diligently, get down to work, continuous learning in practice, give full play to their initiative and creativity to make every effort for the development.

  again, thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your early reply, thank you!

  business unitsthriving achievements!



英文求职自荐信 篇8

  My name is HIN RESUME. I was born on August 25, 1985, in Hengyang, Hunan Province. In 1990 I graduated from Harbin Technical Institute where I majored in electronic engineering, and then I was assigned to work in an electronic apparatus factory as a technician for nine years. During this period I gained some practical experience in designing and manufacturing several varieties of electronic apparatus. In the fall of 1983, I was admitted to the Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University as a graduate student. Six months before I took the examinations, I started to study higher algebra and analysis by myself in my leisure time. Since the enrollment I have completed all the courses required by the graduate program, making straight A both in my undergraduate and graduate courses. My performance in the graduate seminars of Differential Calculus and Mathematical and Physical Formulas shows that I have got a good grasp of the fundamentals of mathematics.

  I have been studying English intensively for six months. I have attended an English class taught by an American professor. Ms. Kathy Swift, from the City University of New York. According to her, within a few weeks of my arrival abroad, I should have no difficulty either in functioning on a daily basis or in participating fully in graduate studies.

  Presently I am interested in applied mathematics and later I would like to do research in control theory. If I am accepted as a graduate student. I plan to stay for 2-5 years pursuing a Ph.d. degree. I am sure I would make progress in my future career.










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